Organic fried eggs with coriander, lentils, salt and pepper.  Left over butternut pumpkin.


Organic fried eggs with coriander, lentils, salt and pepper.  Left over butternut pumpkin.


Day 6 Christmas Challenge

Thought it best I get today’s blog done before all craziness lets loose!

So, again, today have done just fine.  Morning fast - check.  Kettle bells - check.  Still bloody hungry all the time - CHECKARAMA!

So - at my first meal today I added half a protein shake and that’s made quite a difference in between meals.  I’ll have the other half with my lunch now and hopefully that will tide me through with a smaller meal tonight.

Another Chrissy function tonight, so hoping I hold strong.  I’ve already heard the catering list (YUMMY) and avoiding my own home made cup cakes is always a challenge.  But I have to say - 3kgs down in 4 days.  I’m not really tempted to muck up now!!

Oh, whoops, I totally forgot to have my PAGG stacks this morning.  Boo.  Just too many things in my head. 

It’s pretty interesting, how much weight I’ve lost.  I’m thinking at this stage I might do this week for another 2-3 weeks and see what that does. I’m interested to see if the rapid decline really is just water and if it plateau’s over a few weeks.  Then return to slow carb for a few weeks and see if I maintain the weight I’ve lost.

Seems like you’ve got the science even more tweeked than when you wrote 4HB Timmy.  I’m happy following your lead!!


PS: if you wanna hear me singing some Chrissy Carols - tune into JOY94.9 from anywhere in the world in about an hours time.  I’ll be chatting and singing with The Royal Daltons.  Fun times. XX

Day 5 Christmas Challenge - retrospect

It’s getting busy now kids! Forgot to blog yesterday!

So, this fasting thing I think is doing my head in a bit - I don’t know if it’s the time of year but I’ve been really emotional the last few days.  And no actual event that I could say triggered it, except that I’m feeling hungry most of the time.  I’m gonna make my meals bigger today I think.

Yesterday I held tight to the morning fast and had 3 slow carb meals at the specified times.  I did the sprint training. Easy. You’ll be proud Tim, I went to a Christmas do and ate carrots and drank mineral water.  I actually didn’t want alcohol or carbs or sweets. 

I’m feeling physically great - as in I’m feeling clean in my body.  I feel lighter.  I am lighter!

I’m waking up most morning super tired and that’s not usual.  Usually I’m awake early and bright as a button.  I feel like I’m not sleeping enough, although I’m sleeping as much as I normally would.

Will try and remember to blog about today tonight!!!


Day 4 Christmas Challenge

So I took a little sneak peak on the scale this morning.  I’ve lost 1.8kgs - IN 3 DAYS!!  WHOOPAH!! Let’s hope it’s not just all water.

I’m really struggling with the no eating in the morning thing Tim, I’m a real breaky kinda gal.  Like my eggs and spinach.  Good start to the day. 1pm feels so late to eat, but I hung out and the roast and veggies tasted even better!

2 small slow carb meals arvo and evening - chicken and cauli mash then sushi and beef tetaki later.

I’m exhausted for some reason, off to have a nannasville early night.


Christmas Challenge Day 3

Today was eating day!

9am Up and 30 mins exercise as per cardio work out.

11am FOOOOODDDDD!!! Roast chicken with cauliflower mash.  NOMNOMNOM AGG stack.

12:30pm 1 tbsp natural yogurt & cinnamon with AAG stack.

1:30pm 2 tbsp liverwhirst & celery with AAG stack.

6:30pm Chicken, ham & veggies, diet coke. 

7:15pm Carb bar.

BED.  too much Christmas shopping. Pooped.


Fast Day. Went like this.

9am Water and green tea in lovely tea pot, cup and saucer.

9:30am Exercises as per Tim’s plan.

I didn’t have the extra supplements he has suggested so am just going without those.

10am Feeling great. Light and breezy and remembering how good the week long detox in the Philippines was. The crystal clear focus I got through the week.

10:15am First hunger pains. Remembering how very unpleasant it is to have that nauseous rumbling feeling in your belly. And how hard it is to focus on anything other than food. #firstworldproblems

11am Christmas shopping. Miraculously find myself considering the purchase of an enormous Christmas chocolate and  cookie filled hamper.

1:20pm Ravenous now that my mind is not occupied with Christmas gift wrapping.  Hoping a few hours of work will take my mind of my tummy.

1:21pm iPad. 4 Hour Chef App.  What exactly do I get to eat tomorrow?!?!

8pm Glad of the social distraction this afternoon. I love the physical message today: everything constantly changes. Right now feeling no hunger at all. Had a few pangs through the afternoon but like everything in life, they too passed.  Also, how very powerful our point of focus can be. Feeling suddenly Zen and a bit vague. I really feel like I could solve someone’s life problems right now.

8:30pm 45 minute brisk walk.

9:30pm Peanut butter (no almond butter left) and a few cashews.

Day 10 / 35

Oh my.  Two very important points to make for today.

1.  I had dinner with two red heads last night, possibly equally second as the most beguiling women I currently know.  Miss Viv had me at “when I have tea with Angelique Houtkamp” - not that she needs to name drop to be any more impressive than she already is.  I offered to return the dinner invitation but her Moroccan spread will be hard to compare with.  Perhaps I can arrange take out from Ezard…no one will know.

She included a dessert which made my knees weak - fresh figs with rosewater and creme.  Fiona’s ended up gluten-contaminated, so I had to eat hers as well.  Boo.

Figs and feijoa’s in one week.  I am a lucky girl!

2.  Despite a three course way-off-my-eating-plan dinner, I’m 76kgs.  I’m owing that to the mini cheat day stops I put in place, lemon juice shot and cinnamon and yogurt aperitif before dinner. 

Thank you Tim, you are a genius man.

Now to the rest of the week - goodness it’s going to be boring.  I’m thinking a roast lunch with Nan today is in order and cheat day might be rescheduled for Monday’s Cocktails and Cupcakes extravaganza.