Happy Monday’s.

Happy Monday’s.

Euprymna berryi is a species of bobtail squid, which are part of a group of cephalopods closely related to cuttlefish. Bobtail squid tend to have a rounder mantle than cuttlefish and have no cuttlebone. They have eight suckered arms and two tentacles and are generally quite small.

Bobtail squid have a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria (Vibrio fischeri), which inhabit a special light organ in the squid’s mantle. The bacteria are fed a sugar and amino acid solution by the squid and in return hide the squid’s silhouette when viewed from below by matching the amount of light hitting the top of the mantle.

Call me Mrs. Saguaros.

Call me Mrs. Saguaros.

Fast Day. Went like this.

9am Water and green tea in lovely tea pot, cup and saucer.

9:30am Exercises as per Tim’s plan.

I didn’t have the extra supplements he has suggested so am just going without those.

10am Feeling great. Light and breezy and remembering how good the week long detox in the Philippines was. The crystal clear focus I got through the week.

10:15am First hunger pains. Remembering how very unpleasant it is to have that nauseous rumbling feeling in your belly. And how hard it is to focus on anything other than food. #firstworldproblems

11am Christmas shopping. Miraculously find myself considering the purchase of an enormous Christmas chocolate and  cookie filled hamper.

1:20pm Ravenous now that my mind is not occupied with Christmas gift wrapping.  Hoping a few hours of work will take my mind of my tummy.

1:21pm iPad. 4 Hour Chef App.  What exactly do I get to eat tomorrow?!?!

8pm Glad of the social distraction this afternoon. I love the physical message today: everything constantly changes. Right now feeling no hunger at all. Had a few pangs through the afternoon but like everything in life, they too passed.  Also, how very powerful our point of focus can be. Feeling suddenly Zen and a bit vague. I really feel like I could solve someone’s life problems right now.

8:30pm 45 minute brisk walk.

9:30pm Peanut butter (no almond butter left) and a few cashews.